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1-2-4-Memory Rule – A report after a 4-weeks break

Posted in Repertoire Building and Maintenance by elwynrees on December 29, 2009

The latest episode in testing the 1-2-4 Memory rule using Bach-Busoni’s Chorale Prelude – Ich ruf’ zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ….

Today’s memory test of this piece was very interesting!  As previously planned,  I haven’t played, listened to recordings, or  mentally rehearsed this piece for 4-weeks (I think the last session was on the 28th-November or thereabouts).  

On a first slow play through, I got to about 1/3 the way in when it fell appart.   I found that there were a difficult 6 or so bars that were a problem.  However, these mostly all came back relatively quickly.  This one section (of 10 that I broke the piece into) is the weakest  and will get the greatest focus this week.

The place I had the memory lapse remained tricky,  but I felt that the piece was nearly there at the end of today’s session.  In total I played it for around 30 minutes.  I think the main problem at the moment is lack of any practice at all,  rather than lack of practicing this particular piece! (see the ‘Captain’s Log for details).  Today my hands felt stiff and awkward throughout the whole of  the practice session.  However, overall I was very pleased with how quickly it seems to be returning.


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