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Practice Log for 11/09/2010 at 13:37:45

Posted in Captain's Log by elwynrees on September 12, 2010

Practice Log (version 1.1)

Total practice time for 11/09/2010 : 120 minutes

Number of tasks: 19

Task details (Time finished, Type, Title, Duration):
09:47 Sightread : Sight Reading for fun, Peter Lawson – Vol 4 Grade3 :10 mins
09:57 Sightread : Sight Reading for fun, Peter Lawson – Vol 4 Grade3 :10 mins
12:13 Sightread : Sight Reading for fun, Peter Lawson – Vol 4 Grade3 :10 mins
12:44 Scales&Arps : Scales 4 – Gb/F#maj, Eb/D#min,(6#),Dbmaj, Bbmin,(5b :17 mins
17:21 Pieces : Personal Je… Bluesy break 4 over main riff :13 mins
17:27 Pieces : Personal Je… “Hook” (open voiced for repeats and ending :5 mins
17:32 Pieces : Personal Je.. R&R 3rd phrase pentatonic octaves loop :5 mins
17:37 Pieces : Personal Je… sections 1,2 & 3 (intro, 1st + 2nd theme) :5 mins
17:42 Pieces : Personal Je… Second ‘theme’ Phrase 1 :3 mins
17:46 Pieces : Personal Je… Second ‘theme’ Phrase 1 :3 mins
17:49 Pieces : Personal Je… Second ‘theme’ Phrase 2 :3 mins
17:50 Pieces : Personal Je… Second ‘theme’ Phrase 3 :1 mins
18:50 Pieces : Personal Je… sections 4,5 & 6 (2nd theme (b),hook1,R&R) :5 mins
18:55 Pieces : Personal Je… sections 7,8 & 9 (last R&R, 2nd Theme (c), ending):5 mins
19:02 Pieces : Personal Je… Bluesy break 1 over main riff :3 mins
19:07 Pieces : Personal Je… Bluesy break 2 over main riff :5 mins
20:14 Pieces : Personal Je… Hard phrases, bars and conjuncions :10 mins
20:19 Pieces : Personal Je… Second ‘theme’ Phrase 4 :5 mins
20:21 Pieces : Personal Je… Second ‘theme’ Phrase 5 :2 mins

I enjoyed the practice sessions today. The piece is coming along and still progressing. I think its in a “bring it up to speed” and “polishing” phase. There are still some tricky passages that trip me up if played too fast (for me).

The scales at 108 bpm (216 notes per minute max) are also progressing. However, there’s several minor scales, which before playing I have to work out the notes each time, then they come back, but there not there as part of the toolbox yet. These 4 or so are going to need daily practice (rather than once a week). I’ll probably organise this soon, and try to do one a week for a while until nailed. I may run through the relative major first each time. I quite like practicing them that way, it reinforces the major/minor relationships.

What can I say about the sight-reading. I’m doing some every day. The sight-reading method books grade/level 3 (of 8 ) are feeling much harder than level 2. It’s forcing me to do things that I’m bad at, such as reading intervals (5ths, 6ths & 7ths) and 4-part playing. Since it feels hard, it must be doing me some good! Similarly, the session included drills on dotted rhythms, I enjoyed it a lot, since it seems to relate closely to the 4/4 rock grooove thing that’s going on in a lot of Vika’s transcriptions and is very new to me. Sections on the near horizon include syncopation. I think this current book (Peter Lawson’s Sight-reading for fun Vol 4 (level/grade 3) will take several weeks to get through.

I’m struggling with whether to give grade1/level1 pieces ago. After looking through some scores and recently picking up a copy of ABRSM grade1(& possibly 2) pieces (Dorothy Bradley’s Hours with the Masters), I’ve decided to hang fire again for a while. It seems whilst the Mikrokosmos book2 and Methods level3 are challenging, that I ought to retain focus on these and in particular the method books. Once the current book is complete, I’ve Dorothy Bradley’s sight-reading book (level 3) to work through.

The one thing missing from the equation at the moment is learning new pieces. This is a bit frustrating, but I’m trying to consider the current work a “loss leader” or “pump-priming exercise”. I’m starting to think that perhaps I definately need to complete the level3of 8 and be working on level 4 of 8 before starting to try the grade/leve 1 pieces again. I am finding that many of the exercises introduce a skill (say playing/recognising an interval of a 6th), but, I feel there is not enough examples to practice to make it fully intergrated and internalised. Currently my approach to this is to be working through 3-series. But this does bug me a bit and have come up with a few ideas.

So, the sight-reading target for the moment is to focus on the method books (and probably do less Mikrokosmos pieces as well) and not start pieces yet unitl core skills have been improved.

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