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Practice Log for 21/11/2010 at 22:26:41

Posted in Captain's Log by elwynrees on November 21, 2010

Fun sight-reading Clementi and if all goes well the file should be uploaded with the blog…. That’s right, and this is probably daft, but I recorded today’s sight-reading study and if it works it should be uploaded warts and all!!!. 😉

Total practice time for 21/11/2010 : 75 minutes

Level1 work: Today’s sight-reading was fun. So hopefully there’s an mp3 somewhere arounds about.

Clementi Op 36 No1. This is very much warts and all, there’s stumbles, hesitations and wrong notes. But I enjoyed this piece. I liked spotting the scale runs (in G & C and where Gmaj then goes from F# to F threw me). I cheated a bit, here’s what I did…

It’s a 10 minute study slot, I’ve never seen or heard the piece before. I read through the score for 5 or more minutes then played it through. I then hit record and and went through it again. I wasn’t too happy with this attempt and so did a second. OK so there were three stabs at it in all – I ain’t proud! But its still less than 15minutes start to finish. So I guess it’s a rapid study/sight-reading exercise.    In spite of the warts and all, believe it or not this is actually evidence of some progress, so its probably a good job I haven’t tried this before!

Level 2 work: Played through the L2 piece from week before last, ‘cos of the Left Hand run which I found tricky. Then went through this weeks L2 piece for 10 minutes. It went well. Then I had the first session on the new piece for this week a transcript of a piece by Haydn. This was probably easier than the Clementi (which is piece 13 of 27 in Vol 1 of Dorothy Bradley’s “Hours with the Masters” series originally published in 1940!). This is the fourth of the Level2s and they seem to be getting easier. I think it’s because either they are or that they are mostly “finger style” picking pieces with few chords, little wrist and arm action (the opposite of most stuff I’ve been playing lately).

Level 3 work: Skipped again 🙂 but I was having too much fun with the three level 2 pieces.

Studies/Technique: Skipped scales (but I finished this week’s cycle arournd the circle of fifths yesterday. Hanon Ex 5, went OK but I lowered the tempo a bit to make sure I could do 5 repeats straight through without stumbling (58).

WordPress: I’ve had some problems with WordPress lately with email posts vanishing or taking more than a day to appear, not too sure what that’s all about so wonder what an MP3 attachement will do?

Task details below:
Number of tasks: 6

Task details (Time finished, Type, Title, Duration):
12:38 Sightread : Level 1 (Independant Level) – Grade1 :10 mins
15:33 Study : Hanon Ex5 metronome 120 (60) :15 mins
16:26 Sightread : Sight Reading for fun, Peter Lawson – Vol 5 Grade4 :15 mins
16:37 Sightread : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade2 201112 B1 :10 mins
16:54 Warmup : C major focus patterns for left met70 :5 mins
17:19 Sightread : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade2 201112 A2 :20 mins

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