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Practice Log for 30/03/2011 at 22:07:31

Posted in Captain's Log by elwynrees on March 30, 2011

I really enjoyed practice today! All seems to be going well. I increased the tempo of the Hanon and other exercises (although they remain listed as previously marked). The Hanon was tricky at 84, but the left hand exercise (largely ascending triplets using 5,4,3) was easily doable. As a result I will increase the task metronome settings for these.

The sight-reading was tricky, these pieces in "Making the Grade" (grade 2) get incrementally harder and 6 or so from the end it’s getting a little more tricky and I would not call it "fluent". But hey they are fun (Mike Batts ‘Bright eyes’ today).

I’m really enjoying the two ABRSM “contemporary” pieces. They were meant to take 1 week and 4 or so week respectivelys. They have had around 4 (for grade 2) and 6 (for grade 3) hours of practice, but spread over 3 months on just 16 days or so (largely because of my effectively taking two months off). So I guess the G3 is ahead whilst the G2 behind. I think they will both be ready for recording soon and then it’s time to move on to something new.

Afterwards (and not part of formal practice) I dug out a VIKAGoesWild transcription of Personal Jesus (by Depeche Mode, but a cover of Johnny Cash’s version). This just about killed me this time last year. But the scales, hanon and exercises, seem to be paying off, and having a go again tonight was great. The left hand riff pattern was so much better. The tricky Rock and Roll licks were much more solid. I think I’m going to do some more work on this one as for the first time it feels achievable!!

I think some of the improvement I feel I’m making lately is due to dumping my old CLP-350 and now practicing on a CP-33. I feel less tense (no sticky or broken keys) and it does feel more responsive to play…..

Total practice time for 30/03/2011 : 50 minutes

Number of tasks: 5

Task details (Time finished, Type, Title, Duration):
17:25 Sightread : Level 1 (Independant Level) – Grade1 :10 mins
17:44 Study : Hanon Ex5 metronome 152 (80) :5 mins
18:30 Sightread : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade2 201112 C2 :15 mins
18:37 Warmup : C major focus patterns for left met104 :5 mins
21:21 Sightread : Level 3 (Independant +2) ABRSM Grade3 200506 C2 :15 mins

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