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Study Stats for ABF Recital # 22: Hurt, Nine Inch Nails

Posted in ABF Recital by elwynrees on May 15, 2011

This is a  cover or Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor’s) track “Hurt” from 1994 and popularised by Johnny Cash’s cover in 2002 or thereabouts.    The transcription is by Vika Yermolyeva (aka vkgoeswild), but I diverge from this both intentionally and otherwise in several places!

Here’s my version of this piece (the same file as uploaded to ABF recital):


Here’s the study stats.

First date: 24/04/2011
Last date: 13/05/2011
Time(mins): 1405
Time(hrs): 23
Days in period: 20
Days of Practice: 19
Avg pract time: 74
Avg daily time: 70

See the full article for youtube videos of the original and Johnny Cash’s cover

I’d been wondering what to do for this recital. I didn’t want to miss another! I’ve listened to Vika’s version of this piece a lot and whilst I’d been working on some grade 2 and 3 ABRSM pieces (as part of a sight-reading schema) I decided a little over two weeks ago to give this a shot.

I broke the piece up into  seven main sections of half a dozen bars or so each (there’s an “eighth” the last bar). The first play through went well (hopefully all the sight-reading was helping).  I guess this piece is a “keeper” and I’m quite happy with progress for 24 hours or practice over 19 days.

The tasks per day are as follows:

The time on each study task was (so far):

Technically learning the notes seemed to go quite well. The key issues were and are the timing, touch, expression and pacing, with the piece going from ppp to fff.

I spent a lot of time practicing the 3 main “up beat” sections where the bass is pounding out eighths/quarter
octavs, sevenths and ninths using a metronome set to eighths. Then over a few days increasing the start tempo. This worked fine.

What really was the hard section was the intro and it’s repeat (but I didn’t know this when starting).
trying to get the melody to stand out whilst playing the rest pp or ppp was very hard. Also not trying to
swamp and bury it with excessive pedalling. I need to review the fingering on some key phrases in this section to clean it up even more.

Last Monday (9th), I made my first recording and hated it, all wrong notes and horrible, too fast and too loud. I recorded one take on each of the next two days, then upped the numbers. The main session being on Friday 13th.

The uploaded mp3 is the last and final recording (take nine: kind of weird that). I “like” this last take, the wrong notes are in tune (ish)!


Johnny Cash’s version from 2002

Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails performing it live

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