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Practice Log for 14/06/2011 at 20:52:15

Posted in Captain's Log by elwynrees on June 14, 2011

First practice session this week. Too busy yesterday. But it went well.

Total practice time for 14/06/2011 : 86 minutes

All sections seemed to improve. I think skipping practice yesterday may have helped.

The newest sections 2 & 3 are still very tricky, I took more relaxed approach and tended to focus on the first phrase specifically, then play the remaining 3 or 4 phrases in each section in one chunk. They both felt much more familiar than the last time.

Section 6 is greatly improved and I was able to increase the tempo during practice by 15% or so. Several phrases are running together.

Section 4 (tricky sixteenth note runs with octave left hand and chords and single notes in the right) was the most solid its been. I cranked the tempo to the next step, but also did some at a slower than base tempo before returning to that shown in the task. I may put some effort into memorising it now before starting a further round of tempo increase. Currently holding the tempo down is tricky (but when I let rip, it falls apart).

Section 1 played from memory was the most fluent it’s been end to end. Well it was the first time, but on second and subsequent repeats it had the same stumbles as previously, but overall it did feel more solid.

Number of tasks: 6

Task details (Time finished, Type, Title, Duration):
19:40 Pieces : PFE Section 2 metronome 40 :30 mins
20:00 Pieces : PFE Section 3 metronome 66 :20 mins
20:17 Pieces : PFE Section 6 metronome 96 :15 mins
20:29 Pieces : PFE Section 4 metronome 160 :10 mins
20:36 Pieces : PFE Section 9 chromatic runs LH Metronome 63 (1/4 notes) :5 mins
20:44 Pieces : PFE Section 1 metronome 40 (1/4 notes) :6 mins

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