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Practice Log for 17/06/2011 at 22:07:14

Posted in Captain's Log by elwynrees on June 17, 2011

2hours tough work on the current challenging piece….

Total practice time for 17/06/2011 : 123 minutes

Section 2: Lots of focussed practice on the three main phrases and in particular the tricky last one.

Section 3: worked sequentially through each of the phrases. Left the tempo at the current setting

Section 6: Started playing through this end-to-end in one pass and not sequentially phrase-by-phrase. So this was a major step-up on this section. Upped the tempo for tomorrow’s session.

Section 4: This was the worst tonight! Sixteenth note runs were pants. I think I’m going to drop the tempo massively and go back to setting the metronome to sixteenth notes and then working the tempo back up again.

Section 1: Still working on this from memory, but also still having memory slips, which is a PITA!

Overall it feels as if this piece is progressing on a very broad front (perhaps too broad). Anyhow, this weekend sees the next section getting a whirl (section 5). This leaves sections 7 & 8. It’s tempting to role these two together and treat as one section.

Number of tasks: 9

Task details (Time finished, Type, Title, Duration):
13:32 Pieces : PFE Section 2 metronome 52 :20 mins
18:22 Pieces : PFE Section 2 metronome 52 :20 mins
18:51 Pieces : PFE Section 2 metronome 52 :20 mins
19:47 Pieces : PFE Section 2 metronome 52 :20 mins
20:52 Pieces : PFE Section 3 metronome 69 :15 mins
21:08 Pieces : PFE Section 6 metronome 100 :15 mins
21:17 Pieces : PFE Section 4 metronome 40 (1/4 notes) :5 mins
21:21 Pieces : PFE Section 9 chromatic runs LH Metronome 63 (1/4 notes) :3 mins
21:28 Pieces : PFE Section 1 metronome 40 (1/4 notes) :5 mins

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