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Practice Log for 21/09/2011 at 20:55:32

Posted in Captain's Log by elwynrees on September 21, 2011

The Hanon went well, so I increased the tempo from 40 to 52. I’m aiming to keep this nice and relaxed. Similarly with the warm up exercises.

Today the Level 1 sight-reading piece was "In Forest at Night” (from 60 Light Pieces for Beginners Op. 36 No. 32). This is an atmospheric piece. I think this is the hardest so far at this level (G2). In 2/4 time with some tricky rhythms and at the end both L & R hand are written in the bass clef. The little chords at the end were also tricky. Whilst I had the metronome running slowly, all caution went to the wind and this was a struggle!

I hit the Level 2 piece hard as there’s a couple of phrases that just aren’t progressing. So yet again I made the mistake of assuming that because it’s just a G3 piece it’s easy. I should hit these hard right from the start and also use the strategy for Challenging Pieces (break into phrases, hard bars and so forth and attack the hard bits first). So I did several session on the two or three hardest phrases which seems to have greatly helped.

Conversely, the Grieg lyric waltz Op 12 No 2 (current Level3 and an ABRSM G4) seems relatively easy. I’m using the score from pianist magazine, but there’s a very awkwardly placed page break. So I downloaded the piece from the IMSLP database and luckily the central section is all on the same page. I printed off a copy and worked on this section of the piece. I was surprised to find that I’d memorized quite a lot of the pieces and my commit this piece to memory properly as it’s just ‘too cool’!

Total practice time for 21/09/2011 : 98 minutes

Number of tasks: 9

Task details (Time finished, Type, Title, Duration):
17:07 Study : Hanon Ex8 metronome 40 :5 mins
17:10 Warmup : C major focus patterns for left met108 :3 mins
17:15 Warmup : C major focus patterns for right met108 :3 mins
17:32 Sightread : Sight Reading For Today, Joan Last, Grade 2 :15 mins
17:58 Sightread : Level 1 (Independant Level) – Grade2 – (Best of G2, Willia:12 mins
18:17 Pieces : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade3 200506 A1 Passepied :15 mins
18:33 Pieces : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade3 200506 A1 Passepied :15 mins
19:14 Pieces : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade3 200506 A1 Passepied :15 mins
19:30 Pieces : Level 3 (Independant +2) ABRSM Grade4 200506 Waltz (alt B) :15 mins

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  1. ABF GUY said, on September 22, 2011 at 02:03

    98 minutes, wow you worked hard today!

    • elwynrees said, on September 22, 2011 at 12:40

      I was in the “zone” and it flew by 😉

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