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Practice Log for 04/10/2011 at 21:45:04

Posted in Captain's Log by elwynrees on October 4, 2011

I’m on Annual Leave and so it turned into a great day’s practice! I made an early start and then had sessions throughout the day.

Level 1 – Sight Reading: Huet’s “Herbie Funky”. OMG! This was too much fun. I’ll admit though, that reading through the piece I just couldn’t decipher it. I could get the notes, just not the rhythm and feel. So I cheated and listened to a couple of versions on YouTube. But this is just the sort of fun, “contemporary” piece I’m after. All that syncopation and lots of stuff hapening on the “and” of the beat. This piece demands a further study and oodles of analysis. So after the sight-reading study slot I spend 20 minutes or so just playing through and enjoying it. 5-star rating!!!

Level 2 – Started a new Grade 3 piece this week (“Song” by Gurlitt). I make the mistake of treating these “lightly” and don’t study them thoroughly enough, particularly during the first few days. I’m going to use the advice from Ilinca Vartic’s site ( This in essence is to practice the piece in phrases, but to cover the whole piece a day (which I should be doing with a L2 piece anyhow!). Now this piece is interesting in that I covered it as a L3 piece (spending several weeks on it) at the end of last year. So now it’s back for a weeks work. I can barely remember anything about it, other than the fact that I thought it a snotty irritating little piece. It never seemed to “gell”. So seeing whether I can progress it further in a week this time will be interesting. I divided it up into 7 phrases and will try 3-minutes a phrase to start off (so a 21 minute study slot from tomorrow).

Level 3: Grieg Waltz No2 from Lyric Pieces Op 12.

I really like this piece. All of a sudden it seems to be “gelling” and I find myself wanting to play it end to end. This piece is going to get recorded and I guess the polishing (the real work in other words) is about to start on it.

Scales: Really enjoyed them and so did two 30 minutes sets! The tempo is at 66 and feels pretty comfortable, however, the last minor scale in each set was a bit friable. I’m enjoying this tempo and trying to make each sound like a little piece. My weaker left hand feels better and more dextrous and inspite the two slightly woolly scales so far in this cycle around the circle of fifths, but I’ll increase the tempo again for the next.

Total practice time for 04/10/2011 : 141 minutes

Number of tasks: 10

Task details (Time finished, Type, Title, Duration):
07:25 Study : Hanon Ex10 metronome 40 :6 mins
07:27 Warmup : C major focus patterns for left met116 :2 mins
07:29 Warmup : C major focus patterns for right met116 :2 mins
08:00 Scales&Arps : Scales 3 – Emaj, C#min,(4#),Bmaj,G#min,(5#) 66 :30 mins
08:59 Sightread : Sight Reading For Today, Joan Last, Grade 3 :15 mins
11:01 Sightread : Level 1 (Independant Level) – Grade2 – (Best of G2, Willia:12 mins
11:56 Pieces : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade3 200506 B1 Song :15 mins
12:23 Pieces : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade3 200506 B1 Song :9 mins
13:21 Pieces : Level 3 (Independant +2) ABRSM Grade4 200506 Waltz (alt B) :15 mins
17:08 Scales&Arps : Scales 4 – Gb/F#maj, Eb/D#min,(6#),Dbmaj, Bbmin,(5b) 66 :35 mins

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