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Practice Log for 14/10/2011 at 21:23:58

Posted in Captain's Log by elwynrees on October 14, 2011

Took a few hours annual leave this pm and had a wonderful time (well after cutting the lawns)!

Have skipped the sight-reading for a week and the pieces so got stuck back in to all of it today.

Sight Reading: "The Moth" by Malkapar. Read this through and it looked a bit "twiddly" in 2/4 time with eight and quarter notes (effectively), but thought it looked “simple”. The RH was written high up on ledger lines, the left looked easier, high up on the staff, but not too tricky. Then I read it through again, this time I noticed that both staffs had treble cleffs. Now the LH was revealed as being high up above middle C! Now all off a sudden I saw it in a different light and it didn’t look so easy. What I thought was LH playing middle C was actually A nearly two octave above! The left and right hands were tightly meshed in together when playing. So I played it through (now at an even slower tempo than intended). So whilst there was nothing really tricky, reading the high left hand made it seem far worse! Nothing fluent about it though…

Scales: Set two of cycle 35 or so around the circle of fifths and the second go at met =72. I had some problems with F#minor (fingering) but got that sorted. Other than that they all went well. After the study task I again played several with the metronome at 76, 80 and above, just to get a feel for these tempos…

Pieces: Lots of work on the Level 2 using the metronome to keep things smooth and to stop racing through it. The Level 3 piece is sounding OK too….

After the scheduled tasks I dug out an old piece that I’d worked on last year but never finished and spent a long time, bringing it back and refreshing it in memory. It sounded better than when I last tried it. I’m sure the work with scales and Hanon has greatly helped. I felt much more relaxed playing it, the ending is FFF (well it is the way I hit it) and always get a bit too aggressive. It looks like this piece needs to be back in the schedule for a week’s regular practice: it’s VKgoesWilds cover of Johnny Cash’s version of ‘Personal Jesus’, but mine sounds a bit more like Marilyn Manson’s 😉 It’s much harder than the Level3 (Grade 4 ABRSM) piece I’m working on, but may spend a week on it when the current Level 3 piece is done.

Total practice time for 14/10/2011 : 135 minutes

Number of tasks: 12

Task details (Time finished, Type, Title, Duration):
13:34 Study : Hanon Ex1 metronome 60 :3 mins
13:38 Study : Hanon Ex2 metronome 60 :3 mins
13:50 Warmup : C major focus patterns for left met120 :2 mins
13:52 Warmup : C major focus patterns for right met120 :2 mins
14:45 Scales&Arps : Scales 2 – Dmaj, Bmin,(2#), Amaj,F#min,(3#) 72 :30 mins
16:15 Sightread : Sight Reading For Today, Joan Last, Grade 4 :15 mins
16:29 Sightread : Level 1 (Independant Level) – Grade2 – (Best of G2, Willia:12 mins
17:44 Pieces : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade3 200506 B1 Song :21 mins
18:10 Pieces : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade3 200506 B1 Song :21 mins
18:26 Pieces : Level 2 (Independant +1) ABRSM Grade3 200506 B1 Song :5 mins
19:10 Pieces : Level 3 (Independant +2) ABRSM Grade4 200506 Waltz (alt B) :15 mins
19:45 Sightread : Sight Reading For Today, Joan Last, Grade 4 :6 mins

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