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I want a piano teacher like Pebber Brown!

Posted in Deliberate Practice by elwynrees on September 23, 2012

Check out Pebber Brown’s Youtube channel and site!

Pebber is an amazing teacher.  He has some awesome lessons available on-line (500), he has ton’s of free PDF study sheets to download from his website.  There’s a huge amount of talent, effort and thought gone into all this.  Only one problem: he teaches guitar/bass.

However, there is much for us studying other instruments to learn from his approach.

Basically ” You Suck!”, and if you don’t practice enough “You still suck – so what you gonna do about it?!!  Pebber calls things as they are, no bullshit, no happy clappy people person  stuff that everyone’s doing well.   He doesn’t sit on the fence, unless you focus and put in the work you won’t get anywhere.

He (to me) seems to have a technique led approach.   On his site you can download a “Daily Practice Routine”.    This is in seven modules (off the top of my head):

1 Left hand (fretting)

2. Right hand (picking)

3. Scales

4. Chords

5. Patterns

6. Sight Reading/Ear training


The overall aim is to work towards building the technique and skills to be working on module 7 (repertoire).  However, the emphasis is on gaining the physical skills and technique, particularly in modules 1 and 2.     For me watching his practice videos and work ethic is a real eye-opener.  Each area receives extensive work e.g.  picking (“one hours practice on each string then 6 hours on all strings”) and left-hand fretting drills (“Spider”, “ladder”) and many other exercises in all logical permutations.     Inspiring Stuff!

His concept of  “seven daily study modules” seems easily adaptable to other instruments.  I’ve already started on some exercises for the weak 4th and 5th fingers from modules 1 & 2.

Here’s an example of Pebber in action.

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