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Installing and running PracticePrompt under Windows Vista and Seven

Posted in PracticePrompt by elwynrees on December 26, 2011

Hi folks,

I’ve updated the main post about downloading and installing PracticePrompt.     However, I’ve also done a test under Vista and have looked into issues for Seven.

Windows Vista

I downloaded and installed the  PP22_setup.exe OK into a folder.  The setup routine ran OK, but I was required to click “Allow”  in a security dialogue.  The application appears to have installed to the new target directory and created the desktop icon successfully.

When running the application from the desktop I also got a Security dialogue that I selected “Allow” and PracticePrompt ran fine, adding, editing and saving tasks to log files.  The uninstall routine also ran cleanly.

Windows Seven

Found a link where I’m sure that the security/certificate issues are fully explained  here

Hope this helps!


PracticePrompt – The Practice Management Application

Posted in PracticePrompt by elwynrees on December 25, 2011

Welcome to PracticePrompt the application.    This is a FREEWARE Windows application (sorry nothing for Mac, Unix or Android!).

The main features:

  • Use it to manage your practice plan and  tasks.
  • Let it guide you through your practice session in real time.
  • Build up a data log of all your completed practice tasks that are then available for review and analysis.
PracticePrompt - A Windows application to manage practice tasks and run practice sessions

PracticePrompt - The Application


A few screen shots…

Posted in PracticePrompt by elwynrees on December 11, 2010

Here’s a few screen shots of the windows application I use to manage my practice sessions and generate the blog entries.

The first is the main application showing the list of  practice tasks, the red clock is a count down timer for each task and it automatically moves to the next.   The second shows a date range search of completed tasks….